Brandon & Sherry met in high school.

She was Cambodian.

He wasn’t.

Now they're married.

They're native Austinites, but they've lived a few other places.

They lived in Japan. They lived in New York.

He was in advertising. She was a teacher.

Throughout their travels they missed Sherry's mom's cooking.

Sherry's mom is the real Mama Kong, & she's a superb cook.

All the Cambodians say so.

But so few people knew of this gem of Southeast Asian cuisine.

No one was making it. No one was selling it. Not in Japan. Not in NYC. Not in Austin.

Brandon & Sherry had an idea.

Brandon quit advertising. Sherry quit teaching.

The two had a larger calling.

They sold all their belongings & moved back to Austin to learn Mama Kong's recipes.

Austin didn't know it yet, but the city needed Cambodian food.

Mama Kong's food.

Brandon & Sherry are Mama Kong.